Buying a home? Conduct a Landscape Inspection.


Landscape Inspection of failing steps and walkway.
Buying a home?
Many buyers these days have Home Inspections conducted on their potential future homes to ensure the home is worthy of their investment. Landscape Inspections are becoming a common practice around the country (Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, California, and more). A Landscape Inspection is a vital component in assessing the condition of a property. A property may have a broken irrigation system, poor soils (high PH, low in organic matter, high in salts, etc…), erosion issues, or decaying/dying trees, which can directly influence the amount of money a person will need to invest in the property to bring it to a healthy, beautiful state.

Is there a decaying tree limb overhanging the house? Is water pitching towards the house, which could cause flood and cracking problems with the basement? What’s the condition of the mortar in the walls and walkways? Is there conservation property/wetlands in the nearby vicinity with setbacks and restrictions that will influence how you are able to develop the property? What do the latest sea level rise forecast models show about how your coastal property will be impacted by near future storm events?

There is a plethora of items that can either be overlooked or not easily seen by the average individual, which is why the trained eye of a Landscape Architect, such as Elemental Design’s Colin Hynes, can be invaluable. Much like a Home Inspection, a Landscape Inspection can help give a potential buyer a better understanding of the property they may be purchasing as well as some additional negotiating leverage at the bargaining table.
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