Perfect Time For Grub Control

Between August and September is the perfect time to treat your yard for grubs, if you have a grub problem! Right now Japanese Beetle and other Beetle larvae are in their beginning stages and looking to feed on your lawn. By treating the ground now, you can ensure that when they are feeding they are feeding on the insecticide.
Now as an environmentally conscious company we recommend using Milky Spore for grub control. Milky Spore is a bacteria that kills Japanese Beetle larvae. It doesn’t kill other beetle larvae, but most of the beetles you see these days are Japanese Beetles. When the Milky Spore is in the soil, the Japanese Beetle larvae ingests it while it’s feeding and the bacteria kills the beetle and thrives in the soil. The bacteria does not harm plants or other organisms. It can last in the soil for 10 – 20 years or more, so after a 2 or 3 applications throughout the entire yard, you and your lawn should be able to enjoy years of grub free bliss.Milky_Spore
See this link:…/203595851
If your grub problem is severe and your patience is thin, you can treat your lawn with an insecticide to obtain some immediate relief/results and then transition to using the more environmentally friendly Milky Spore. There are only two real proven chemicals that can cure an existing grub problem. ONLY TWO. Carbaryl and trichlorfon. The others are preventative, which means they are only effective at preventing grubs before they are in your lawn. Typically the chemical used to kill the grub is listed on the front of the bag or product next to “active ingredient” or is in an itemized list with other ingredients with a certain percentage next to it.
See the following article from Michigan State University a guide:…/how_to_choose_and_when_to_apply_g…
Prolonged lawn chemical use is never recommended. Chemicals can kill beneficial organisms along with the bad and can leave a lawn more sterile and even more susceptible to issues down the road. It’s like the equivalent of putting a person on hard core drugs and then taking them off after months of use. Keep your lawn off drugs, if possible or they’ll become dependent.